About Us


We are a leading independent Germany specialist with fully qualified technicians, Slick Custom Auto aims to provide a first-class service at affordable prices whilst not compromising on quality.

Being a leading independent German car specialist does not mean we cannot service other brand vehicles. Having first started out in the 90s on Japanese cars, we can service, work on, and diagnose problems, with most car brands.

We are proud of the feedback and recommendations we receive and have customers traveling from as far away as Ras Al Khaimah and Abu Dhabi to have their vehicles maintained and looked after by our mechanics. For car modifications and engine swaps, we have customers ship their cars to us from countries as far away as Saudi, Kuwait and Bahrain.

If you are having issues with your vehicle, contact our team today. With more than 60 years’ combined experience at our disposal, we will certainly be able to find you a solution at a fraction of the cost that you would be charged by a main dealer. We strongly believe that value for money is just as important as providing a premium service to all clients. achieve!



Looking after cars can be a complex business. The team at Slick are true Independent German Specialists and provide a three-tier quotation system:

  1. Work that is Urgent and Highly Recommended
  2. Work that is not Essential but Recommended so the vehicle continues to run as it should
  3. Work that can be done however not needed for at least 3 to 6 months.

We will discuss all options with our customers to see where they can save money and we will always provide prices for original agency approved parts however can also recommend alternatives for those who are trying to make the most of their money.


“Our mission is present and embedded in everything we do and is to provide a Personal, Efficient and Affordable to Customers and to Train and Grow our Technicians internally. This in turn will drive business and create a rewarding place to work.

We will not compromise our work to meet deadlines and our commitment and foresight to take responsibility and accountability. We will strive to honor what we have worked so hard to achieve and will pay attention to detail so customers can be assured they are not getting anything but our full attention paid to their cars.”